First Impressions Are Everything, Beautiful

Let’s face it: first impressions are everything, whether or not we like it. When you meet someone, you both immediately assess what the other is wearing, what their face looks like, what their hair is like, what shoes they’re wearing…the priority, order and order of importance of each feature is unique to the person. But one thing we take with us everywhere, what we can’t take off and switch out like an accessory, is our face. It’s unique, it’s got its ups and downs, its good days and bad days. Sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it’s angry…it’s so varied, so special, so different every day.

Our facial features express how we’re doing that day and whether or not we want them to, people are paying attention. This is why we put so much importance into what we look like. Let’s ‘face’ it– even the best of us, the most confident, care about what our skin looks like. I’m not talking make-up, dressing it up or dressing it down– I’m talking about natural, healthy looking skin. Why not take care of it when realistically it’s pretty darn important?

I know, the market is riddled with advertisements:

“New face cream takes years off your face!”  “Erases acne overnight!”  “Gives you a youthful glow!”  “Gives your lashes twenty times the volume!”  “Covers every spot!”

Or society tells you that the only way to fix something is to go to the dermatologist, start using harmful oral medications or topical creams that do nothing to get to the root of what’s causing the problem in the first place. Go to the surgeon, get things lifted, tucked, extended…but it doesn’t do anything but provide a temporary band-aid if the problem isn’t on the surface but internal.

I’m writing this blog because I’m tired of hearing the lies, exaggerations and misleading advertisements, tired of hearing about how people blow their money away on things that don’t end up working. I’m tired of hearing how affected people of all ages are by acne and how they’re discovering all the damage prescriptions are wreaking on them long term.

I’ve worked in the beauty industry for over 14 years now and I’ve seen such a huge range of issues. I’ve seen beauty trends come and go and also have seen the damage they can inflict on the unwary. Fads and trends are fun to try, to experience– but not if they destroy your natural glow, take your money and give you nothing in return or leave you with regret over buying something (or all of the above).

This will detail what I’ve learned over the years, my reviews on beauty products I’ve tried (hated or loved), skin care knowledge and experiences and the truth about beauty trends that will have you backpedaling or running quick to the nearest store. I have some of the most break-out prone, product sensitive, picky skin I know, so I’m discriminating when it comes to skin care products– plus, brutal honesty is what I’m all about. I hate losing money just as much as everyone else, so I know how it can be (especially on a budget) so this is my attempt to help others.

My hope here is that someone will read this and share the knowledge with anyone else who needs it. This isn’t to make you more beautiful– because everyone is already– but it’s to help along those difficult bumps, detours and stops along the way…

See you soon, beauties.